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Love Made Babe of the Week - Ellen

Hi! I'm: Ellen @EllenVLora
I'm a: Style Blogger/Influencer
I'm a: Virgo
I live in: MidCity LA
My fav spot in LA is: Urth Cafe
A brand I'm really diggin right now is:  Deandri, TUK Footwear, Drop Dead & What the Hellz, Vidakush
I think the babe with the best style is: Ann Marie Hoang @mstr_of_disguise
Song I can't get out of my head today is: Where Are U Now by Jack U

What inspired her to start:

I've always wanted to meddle in this industry, but I didn't really know how to go about it initially. In the back of my head I knew I wanted/needed to do something with self expression through personal style. Back when Instagram picked up, I started uploading my daily looks onto my personal account. These were just quick and raw snaps I took in the mirror. Once I realized a grew a small following, I began to take things more seriously and started to take photos with my photographer friend. This felt like a natural progression for me and then I launched my blog in May of last year.



Her advice to you:

[For being a style blogger] The best thing to do is to do you & be yourself. Don't conform to what others want or cater to what they want to see from you. Things are getting so saturated so don't get washed up and ride that wave. I get that fashion follows trends, but that doesn't mean you can't be you. Also, be your own fuel. People will talk & sometimes have negative shit to say, but just tread you and don't sacrifice yourself for anyone. Unapologetically be yourself and always do your best and it'll attract the right energy and people. 

[For a freelance/creative career in general] It's ultimately about doing what you love. Create a job around your lifestyle, not the other way around. I graduated from USC in 2012, but chose to go in this direction instead. What looks good on paper doesn't guarantee anything in the real world. People will get on you and say negative things and how this isn't a serious career path, but just tread through for yourself. I was questioned a lot when I started blogging and that's all background noise. I'd rather do what I love than get a shitty paycheck and hate my job. But the thing about freelance is that you constantly have to hustle and chase opportunities so always have a goal & straight head! Also, enjoy the journey and take chances! :)


P.S. She will be hosting Dripped on March 18th and the Posh Square event on March 29th with fellow blogger-babe @Flamcis ! They also just shot for @NikkiLipstick and @DollsKill too, so look out for that! 

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XO, @HasAlexandra_

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