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Love Made Babe of the Week - Valida

Hi! I'm: Valida @Valida
I'm a: DJ/Producer/Singer/On-Air Radio Host at 89.9FM KCRW and Desert Nights Talent Coordinator at The Standard Hollywood
I'm a: Leo baby!
I live in: Venice Beach
My fav spot in LA is: Pho Café in Silverlake
A brand I'm really diggin right now is: I know it sounds cliché, but I really like to shop vintage...also, I get a lot of stuff custom tailored (kimonos are my thing right now); but obv, Forever 21, American Apparel + H&M are still staples when it comes to basics. When chilling at home, it’s Stellina all the way...Unbelievably comfortable and Iooks great
I think the babe with the best style is: Definitely Kate Moss still (minus all the fur and leather) Also Stella McCartney because...Well...Fashion with compassion...Need I say more?
Song I can't get out of my head today is: Better by Vox (her voice...OMG...and the beat is insane)

What inspired her to start:

Passion for music, its healing powers and the joy it brings to life. I’ve been singing and dancing through life ever since I can remember...It’s what feeds my soul. Besides my passion for animals, it’s the number one thing that keeps me going.

Her advice to you:

Be a woman of your word. If you say you’re going to do something, do it. People like to work with those who have integrity and who keep their promise. You have to trust yourself. You will get rejected many times along the way. You will stumble and you will fall. It happens to all of us all the time. You just have to get up, put that band-aid where it needs to go, and do it all over again. And oh, call your Mom or a really good friend when that happens. They are great at making you feel better (that along with copious amounts of chocolate).

P.S. Did you know? BuzzbandsLA just premiered the music video for a cover of a Stevie Nicks’ song “Wild Heart” that she produced (so exciting)! Read more here, or click to watch. Also, she was recently featured in the LA Magazine story about How To Throw The Best Party in September. Read it here


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XO, @HasAlexandra_

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