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Love Made Babes of the Week - Donna & Jo

(D) Hi! I'm: Donna @LoveDonnaVo

(J) and I'm: Jo @JoJoPotatoh

We're the: Founders/BossBabes of @ShopDandJ and @LadiesFirstEvents

(D) I'm a: Virgo
(J) I'm a: Cancer
We live in: the OC
(D) My fav spot in LA is: Downtown LA. I love to explore the city! There’s always a new place to eat, a new place to hang-out, and I’m always finding cool spots I want to do photo-shoots at. It’s a goal of ours to have the first D&J office/warehouse space in Downtown LA, and personally I hope to own a loft there one day!
(J) My fav spot in LA is: Ditto. Downtown is favorite spot in LA. I love the hustle and bustle of city life.
(D) A brand I'm really diggin' right now is: A bunch of Australian brands like StyleStalker, Bec&Bridge, and SaboSkirt. Also, lovee Topshop! I wish there was a store in OC!
(J) A brand I'm really diggin' right now is: I really like the brands out of Europe. Miss Guided, MISBHV, Shade and PLYNY LALA are a few I can name on top of my head.
(D) I think the babe with the best style are: Cassie. Her style is impeccable to me. That girl is always on point!
(J) I think the babe with the best style is: Micah Gianneli @MicahGianneli is always on point!
(D) Song I can't get out of my head today is Anything Sam Smith!
(J) Song I can't get out of my head today is: Club Goin’ Up by ILOVEMAKONNEN ft. Drake

What inspired them to start:

(D) Both of my parents are entrepreneurs so I feel like entrepreneurship is in my blood. I always looked up to powerful women who built their own empires like my Mom, Beyoncé, Oprah, J.LO, and etc. I’ve also always loved fashion, so it was only right that I built a business around that love. The more I got involved with the D&J business the more I fell in love with it. In a lot of ways, I feel like I found myself in doing this. In the process of building the D&J business, I developed a love for things like photo-editing, producing, copywriting, photography, styling, buying, and etc; I wear SO many hats. They were things I was already doing in one way or another…skill-sets I wasn’t really utilizing, because I didn’t know they were actual job titles. It's all been a big learning experience for me. From figuring out what I’m good at, to what I love to do. For someone who used to love being in front of the camera, I’ve learned I’m so much better behind the camera, being a boss & shit. J

(J) Growing up, I always knew I wanted something to call my own. It took me awhile to figure out what I wanted to create for myself. I was always curious and motivated- that’s what kept me going on my journey. It wasn’t until I got my first fashion internship, a small DTLA brand- that was the game changer for me. After that, I knew that the fashion industry is where I belong. From there, I took any opportunity that came my way or could get a hold of. My goal was to learn and soak in everything I can. The more I was exposed, the more conscious I was in realizing that there was a voice missing for girls like me in the fashion industry. Girls who are influenced by the 90’s hip hop and R&B culture and whose style is a mix of street and contemporary fashion; what we dubbed as “street-chic.” I approached my sister with the idea of starting this online boutique and it just took off from there. We’ve become so obsessed with it. I remember jotting down our business plans on napkins when we would meet to brainstorm. Since then, we’ve put everything we have into what we do and are always pushing ourselves to be and do better.

Their advice to you:

(D) It’s simple. I believe everyone was born with a purpose. Find it, and hustle HARD to fulfill it. It’s the only way to live! But, remember that it’s a journey, so be nice to yourself, and trust that things will always work out the way they should.

(J) Find something you're passionate about because that’s whats going to drive you. That’s what will get you out of bed every morning, and what will keep you on your feet. You gotta hustle hard, push yourself and take risks. Remember that life is just made up of experiences and you have to learn to trust yourself and trust in the journey. Everything always works itself out. <3

P.S. They have teamed up with us at Love-Made + HLZBLZ + Stussy Women to host their first ever fashion event curated specifically for the LADIES! Come out for a day filled with all things awesome; fashion, music, live art, food, networking + more. Free w/ RSVP:

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