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Love Made Babe of the Week - Natalia

By: @HasWCoastSoul


Hi! I'm: Natalia @Natalia Mantini
I: like to nap and take photos of girls
I'm an: Scorpio
I live in: Brooklyn, New York (currently) and was raised in Redondo Beach, CA. I later moved to Los Angeles before making my way to the East Coast.
My fav spot in LA is: Cafe Gratitude and I miss the beach more than anything!
Brands I'm really diggin right now are:  I wear a ton of American Apparel and Zara. Reformation is a go to. I really like basics (clothing not females). Anything long, grey, or black and subtle.
I think the babe with the best style is: Schoolgirls, Liv Tyler in the 90s, Lolita, Winona Ryder when she dated J Depp
Song I can't get out of my head today is: BBD - Azealia Banks She hard.



What inspired her to start:

I don't really look at it as a career I intentionally started.  Taking photos is something I continue to do because I love it and am not too good at sticking to anything I don't love. I just figure out what I like as I progress and follow that. I have a lot of positive people in my life who inspire me to do what I want.


Her advice to you:

Be Humble. There's a lot of people who have been in any industry longer than you and it's important to remain teachable and not feel yourself too much. Hype dies out. Stay positive, stay persistent, stay nice. Don't take yourself too seriously. Have fun. Surround yourself with people who have good energy. Find out what you're in to without comparing it to what someone else is doing. Keep learning.


P.S.  She has a lot of upcoming projects, follow her on Instagram and check her blog. Stay in the loop!

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XO, @HasAlexandra_

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